Elevate Your Career with Spiritual and Strategic Alignment

Episode Description

In this episode, guest Tanisha Yorrick-Allen shares her journey to becoming a quantum transformation mentor, advises listeners not to be deceived by the fear of success, and provides insights into recognizing the signs guiding your path and the spiritual essence of success.

About Tanisha

Tanisha Yorrick-Allen is a Transformation Mentor for people who are ready to turn their fears into action for exponential growth and success. Tanisha is driven by the belief that our fears are often more manageable than we think, and that the journey to sustained joy, though challenging, is critical in propelling us towards success. Tanisha is also a Keynote Speaker, Operations Excellence SME, EFT Tapping Expert, and Spiritualist Strategist. She synergizes this expertise to deliver advice on joy awareness as an using energetic alignment as a tool to achieve seismic shifts in your business and life.

When Tanisha is not empowering her clients to take decisive action, she can be found immersed in a new book, dancing to her heart away, and devouring human design… just for fun

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