Mastering Work-Life Balance with Grace and Purpose

Episode Description

In this episode, guest Regina L. Ross shares valuable insights into setting boundaries, saying 'no' with grace, and prioritizing self-care, offering practical guidance on mastering the balancing act. Regina's wisdom and experiences will inspire you to overcome guilt, embrace self-compassion, and find your authentic voice.

About Regina

Transformational strategist, coach and pastor Regina L. Ross is passionate about empowering people to discover and authentically express their God-given potential in a way that creates purpose, value and fulfillment. During her diverse 30+ year business career, Regina has served in a variety of Engineering, Operations, and Human Resources Leadership roles for large Fortune 500 corporations. She is currently serving as the Chief People Officer of an Ed-Tech nonprofit organization that is accelerating the learning impact for millions of students across the world. Regina founded Walk on Purpose in 2015 with a business mission to provide coaching and consulting that enables her clients to maximize their impact and enhance their quality of life. As a seasoned business, ministry and HR leader with professional certifications in executive coaching, change management, human resources and continuous process improvement, Regina has worked with hundreds of leaders to help them successfully navigate personal, career, and organizational transformations.

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