Embark on a transformative journey as we collaborate to curate a personalized coaching plan tailored just for you. Your package will be designed to empower you with the essential tools, activities, and resources needed to foster Career Confidence, gain Clarity in your professional path, and excel in Career Preparation.

Explore below the diverse topics that we can incorporate into your customized coaching plan, then book a free introductory session to create your coaching program.

  • Navigating Emotional Roadblocks: Develop personalized tools that address common emotional roadblocks, such as imposter syndrome, decision fatigue, analysis paralysis, and self-deprecating thoughts.

  • Cultivate Emotional Resilience: Identify and implement tools to overcome the emotional challenges linked to past work environments and career disappointments.

  • Make Confident Career Decisions and Moves: Gain the courage and self-belief needed to overcome career fears and trust yourself to make decisions about your career.

Career Confidence

  • Ideal Role Discovery: Gain a clear understanding of the ideal role for you to pursue next, including industry and job title aligning with your current needs and values for a more fulfilling career path.

  • Career Satisfaction: Uncover the factors contributing to your career dissatisfaction and develop a path for fulfillment in your professional life.

Career Clarity

  • Resume Review, Coaching, and Feedback: Get personalized feedback on your resume to improve its impact, including post-edit feedback.

  • LinkedIn Review, Coaching, and Feedback: Receive personalized feedback on your current LinkedIn profile. Learn how to improve its impact, create your unique story, and personal brand.

  • Interview Strategy and Practice: Prepare effectively for job interviews, enhancing your performance and confidence.

  • Salary Negotiation Strategy: Acquire negotiation skills to secure competitive compensation packages.

  • Tailored Strategy: Develop a personalized action plan aligned with the tools to navigate your job search with confidence.

Career Preparation

Coaching Sessions

$90CAD | $75 USD per session / half hour

Minimum of 3 session

Payment Plans Available

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